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Poetry Quotes is a free to use website created by our team to provide the wide range of poetry in different languages URDU, HINDI, FARSI, ARABIC, PUNJABI as well as ENGLISH.

We are promoting the Urdu, Hindi literature by laying out the Poetry by all-time Poets in an effective manner with unique design.

Poetry Quotes images are free to download for all users. Users can use the images for personal use. Poetry quotes is a very user friendly and responsive website to look for every type of poetry easily available. This means the poetry quotes website is much elegant on desktop, mobiles and on tablets.

Our team is working hard to get you available the latest, modern as well as classic old poetry written by famous poets. Poetry Quotes have all categories of poetry available to be accessed. Sad Poetry, Romantic Poetry, Barish (Rain) Poetry, Khwab Poetry, Islamic Poetry and more are provided in an efficient

Poetry-Quotes.com has provided their members with the facility to browse the all time famous poets’ poetry category wise.

Following are the Poets categories

·        Allama Iqbal Poetry·        Islamic Poetry
·        John Elia Poetry·        Khawab Poetry
·        Peer Naseer Ud Din Naseer·        Punjabi Poetry
·        Amjad Islam Amjad Poetry·        Sad Poetry
·        Ahmed Faraz Poetry·        Dost Poetry
·        Akber Alla Abadi poetry·        Admi Poetry
·        Altaf Hussain Hali poetry·        Aasman Poetry
·        Ameer Minai poetry·        Awaz Poetry
·        Anwer Masood poetry·        Barish Poetry
·        Baba Bulleh Shah Poetry·        Dard Poetry
·        Bahadar Shah Zafar poetry·        Dil Poetry
·        Dagh Delhwi poetry·        Dua Poetry
·        Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry·        Duniya Poetry
·        Firaq Ghorakh Puri poetry·        Husan Poetry
·        Habib Jalib poetry·        Insan Poetry
·        Hafeez Jalandhri poetry·        Ishq Poetry
·        Haider Ali Atish poetry·        Khayal Poetry
·        Hasrat Mohani poetry·        Khushi Poetry
·        Ihsan Danish poetry·        Maa Poetry
·        Itbaf Abrak poetry·        Mohabbat Poetry
·        Jeem Jazil poetry·        Mosam Poetry
·        Khawaja Mir Dard poetry·        Phool Poetry
·        Mian Muhammad Bakhsh poetry·        Naseeb Poetry
·        Mirza Ghalib poetry·        Tanhai Poetry
·        Mir Taqi Mir poetry·        Wafa Poetry
·        Mohsin Naqvi poetry·        Yaad Poetry
·        Qateel Shafai poetry·        Zamana Poetry
·        Rahat Indori poetry·        Zindagi Poetry
·        Saahir Ladhayanawi poetry
·        Sagir Siddique poetry 

Nowadays, the website with quality content on poetry of the old and new famous poets is hard to find. The aim of the poetry quotes team is to solve this problem and provide you with quality content on all the Urdu/Hindi poets and their poetry. The poetry is also categorized to make it easy to find and accessible to all the poetry lover users.

Poetry-Quotes.com members are increasing day by day due to its quality content and attractive design. Our members include all types of groups. Students and youth are becoming fans of our website as well as on social media Facebook & Instagram. The professional people like teachers. As well as, the parents are visiting our websites on a daily basis and giving positive reviews about the Urdu Poetry. Our Aim and Goal is to keep providing you the quality content on Urdu poetry on a daily basis.

Our Poetry Quotes team has included many amazing features on the Poetry-Quotes.com website. It has made our poetry website exceptionally user friendly as well as easy to use for our members. These feature includes easy to browse. Function of search to find the relevant Poet as well as, the poetry needed by the member. Hence, there is no compromise on quality of the content as well as, the functionality of the Poetry Quotes website.

Our designing and creativity team task is to make the website look stunning as easy to stroll over the poetry quotes website.

All the users are free to guide and give ideas for the betterment of this Poetry Platform. We would really appreciate any guidance or opinion from our respected members having interest in all type poetry.

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